Challenge F

„Reward system for a healthy lifestyle“

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Health is one of our most important basic needs. Avoiding illnesses therefore represents a core objective of our healthcare system. In 2016 alone, the statutory health insurance invested a total of € 474 million in preventive measures (GKV-Spitzenverband, 2017) investing not only in a better health of their customers but also in a reduction of their future expenses. Not only patients and insurances are interested in a healthy living, but also employers, health care providers or the industry may benefit due to less non-productive times of their employees or higher turnover of products and services focusing on a healthier lifestyle.  


Established measures to maintain the health of the population often fall too short. Although health insurance funds create incentives through bonus programs and electoral tariffs, the range of health-promoting behaviors cannot be adequately covered and rewarded. Currently, high transaction costs (e.g. associated with reimbursement) as well as a lack of convenience for users limit the success of such measures. In addition, different people have different needs and frameworks that need to be evaluated differently. Everyday choices, e.g. using the staircase instead of the elevator or choosing the salad over the Fastfood-Burger, are disregarded. Key players such as employers, fitness studios, restaurants and industry companies are only indirectly involved in promoting prevention. In addition, bonuses for preventive measures are often paid only at the end of the year – live rewards and instant feedback for health promoting actions are missing.

Actual Challenge

How can the promotion of a healthy lifestyle be holistically integrated into our daily lives – without any barriers, live and involving all relevant players? Use the latest technologies (Blockchain, Mobile App, Wearables) to develop a prototype solution for a real-life scenario. Identify a suitable starting point (e.g. fitness, sleep, nutrition) and develop a motivating incentive system that works intelligently and in real time. The outcome of a health-promoting action in everyday life should be measurable and the benefits for the players involved should be comprehensible. Take a functioning business model into account – for example statutory health insurance funds, including compatibility with the applicable law (SGB V).


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